What is LEPAUSE?
Who chaising the trends of the times, and having fun about fashion.
For all people that to reconsider new sense of values.
Like beautifully aging people with more than universal value.
High quality proven by "tradition", "handicraft" and "passion" of various countries.
Be loved for a long time, handed down from person to person.
Focus on these stories.
Free editing mainly on vintage fashion items.
Curated online concept store.
Will not fade over time, a product that stays close to your side forever.
時代の流行を追いかけ ファッションを心から楽しんできた
新たな価値観を見つめなおす 全ての人たちに向けて
普遍的以上の価値を備えた 美しく歳を重ねる人々のように
様々な国の 伝統 技術 想い に裏打ちされた 高い品質を誇る
長く愛され続け 人から人へと受け継がれていく
時を経ても色褪せない いつまでも寄り添うプロダクトを